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If the average person on the street realises how much a knowledgeable financial planner can do for him/her they would start queueing in front of the planner’s office.

The statement above probably has a strong emotional undertone which can sound like a infomercial. The reality however is that clients are mostly brakes in the financial planning process, and it is only to their own detriment over the long term.

With this newsletter I am going to point out the five categories of clients, and the source of this information is a document which Masthead (our compliance and practice management consultants) originally brought out

Category 1 – You do not trust anyone

You think that everyone is going to get you in some way or another, and you are sceptical about any financial planner who crosses your path. Honest mistakes are seen as conspiricies against you and you have “evidence” of a number of business relationships that have gone wrong.

The best advice for you is to organise your own affairs. Financial planners are most likely not properly qualified and trained to help you.

Category 2 – You follow your own head

You strongly believe that you do not need a financial planner. You will try to implement and monitor your financial portfolio in the cheapest way possible. You see fees and commission as excuses not to consult with a professional planner. However, you still use the planner as a source of information on a regular basis and try to draw information out of him while you struggle forward. If something goes wrong, you will still blame the planner rather than yourself.

The best advice for you is to organise your own affairs. Financial planners are most likely not properly qualified and trained to help you.

Category 3 – You always make excuses

You realise that your money matters is confusing and you even believe that you urgently need a financial plan. You are not stingy, but you mostly spend your money on things that give you instant gratification. You do not really make provision for the future like you ought to do and your hope is based on inheriting something from someone. You are full of excuses about why your affairs are confused. However, it will stay confused because you have an excuse vir every problem and situation.

Even though a financial planner might probably enjoy your company he is probably still not properly qualified and trained to help you.

Category 4 – You procrastinate

You are financially literate and in general you are responsible with your money matters. However, you still need the guidance of a financial planner. You give your cooperation to the planner by providing the necessary information and documents, but this is often a longsome and ineffective process.

Most people fall in this category. It is frustrating sometimes, but you can be helped because you want to be helped. The procrastination only lets processes take longer and there is always a risk that you will be too late to implement an important recommendation, especially with risk products.

Category 5 – You are financially responsible

You like to review your affairs and future plans on a regular basis. You respect the expertise of others and you realise that professional people’s time and advice is worth their fees because it will be beneficial for you over the long term. You supply information and documents quickly and you see the financial planner as “part of the team”. Your family and friends admire you because it is quickly evident that you are moving forward financially.

If you fall in this category we want to congratulate you. We wil gladly assist you with your financial portfolio, and we can mostl likely add material value to you over the long term.


Anybody can achieve financial freedom by putting in place a financial plan and to monitor this plan on a regular basis. By incorporating the advice on this website and our personal financial analyses in your everyday life and by evaluating your lifestyle choices, you have an excellent chance of achieving financial success.

If we can assist you to make the right choices and to continue with a structured financial plan for the rest of your life you will achieve financial freedom sooner than you might think. To help you get there we have organised some very helpful financial tools in a set of guidelines which we refer to as “Financial literacy” (refer to the link at the top of this page).

Being Certified Financial Planners® our approach is based on the 6 steps of financial planning as outlined by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (‘FPI’). Refer to our Homepage for a discussion of this.