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Risk assurance entails the sharing of risks with other individuals who pay premiums into a pool of funds at an insurance company. When the unforseen happens the insured can draw monetary benefit out of this pool. The aim of risk assurance is to to enrich individuals. Contrary to popular beliefs many individuals become medically disabled or die when they are still relatively young.

If you are lucky you will never have to claim for these benefits. However, this does not mean that you fruitlessly paid premiums. You would have had years of peace of mind with the knowledge that both you and your family would not have been thrown into financial ruins if something unforseen had happened. Some companies even give, subject to terms and conditions, a material part of your premiums back to you when you retire.

At certain stages of your life you will need different types of risk benefits, and these variables need to be reviewed regularly when your circumstances changes materially (marriage, birth, death, divorce, salary increases, resignation at employers).

Risk assurance